Elect Trump

Defeat Joe Biden in 2024

The American Ideals PAC endorses former President Donald J. Trump for the 2024 presidential election.

This organization was established less than two years ago to champion America’s founding principles and to support candidates who share our vision of promoting equal rights for all. It is a vision that seeks to unite rather than divide, emphasizes equal opportunity over equal outcomes, and elevates our common humanity over identity politics and grievances.

Last week, the country witnessed a flagrant disregard of the cherished constitutional principles of due process and equal protection before the law. In a sham trial in New York, a partisan prosecutor, with the active assistance of a biased and conflicted judge, sought and obtained the criminal conviction of former President Trump. Afterwards, even the most seasoned legal scholars had difficulty explaining the underlying crime that he was accused of committing. Never before has the country seen such a blatant political prosecution of a political opponent for public office—a dangerous and short-sighted precedent that will guarantee more division in America for years to come.

Flag supporting Donald Trump at a rally at Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix, Arizona, June 18, 2016. Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0

President Trump has ample resources to appeal the ruling and defend himself, and most legal experts agree that last week’s conviction is likely to be overturned on appeal (at some point after the upcoming presidential election). The rest of us, however, cannot let this attack on our democracy and rule of law stand. As Americans, we have the constitutional right to vote for the political candidate of our choice and to prevent this country from becoming a banana republic under the current political leadership.

We at the American Ideals PAC intend to do everything we can to help former President Trump to win on November 5.

During President Trump’s time in office, the country experienced a growing and robust economy that helped provide opportunities for all, a foreign policy that kept America out of foreign wars, sound judicial appointments, and a range of policy initiatives that reversed the worst excesses of the radical Left.

By contrast, after more than three years in office, President Joe Biden has bequeathed the country an economy reeling from reckless fiscal policies, a world mired in armed conflict, an invasion at the southern border, the criminal justice system blatantly politicized, and the proliferation of the worst forms of identity politics.

We see businesses and lives destroyed by rampant crime that flourishes thanks to the “Defund the Police” movement; the injustice of innocent children being indoctrinated in school to believe that they are oppressed or the oppressor because of their race; and the shame of President Biden’s senior military appointees decrying “whiteness” and advocating for the woke agenda.

Meanwhile, President Biden has allowed more than 7 MILLION illegal crossings at the southern border since he took office. At the heart of his administration’s immigration policy appears to be the perverse conviction that enforcing border security is racist. As a result, the security of this country—from the national level down to individual Americans going for a jog—is in shambles.

We know what the radical Left is up to: Aside from waging lawfare to silence and persecute political opponents, it has also pushed a dangerous ideology that defines Americans by immutable characteristics such as skin color. The American Ideals PAC has fought against these politics of racial grievance and in support of equal opportunities for all since the founding of our organization.

It is now time to fight against the entire Biden catastrophe.

Former President Trump is far from a perfect candidate; his flaws are on display every day. But for all of his flaws, he did, and will, govern with policies that benefit Americans regardless of their political orientation, or their race, color, religion, sex, age, or ethnic heritage.

For those who love this country and wish to make it better, for those who see America as the land of opportunity built on aspirational founding ideals worth defending, the choice is clear.

Help to elect Donald J. Trump as president again. Join us.