Brian Maryott For Congress

American Ideals PAC Endorses California’s Brian Maryott for 49th Congressional District

The American Ideals PAC, a new political action committee formed to champion the founding principle of equal rights, today endorsed Brian Maryott as U.S. congressional candidate for California’s 49th district.

Ying Ma, president of the PAC, said, “The country needs political leaders who don’t buy into the notion that Americans should be categorized as oppressors or oppressed based on the color of their skin. Unfortunately, the Biden administration and far too many in Washington are beholden to this destructive ideology. We believe Brian Maryott will be a voice for common sense in Congress, and his candidacy comes in time for the November 8 midterms, a crucial election for Americans in California and across the country.”

Manny Klausner, distinguished member of the American Ideals PAC’s advisory committee, agrees: “Voters in the 49th district need a representative in Congress who will, in fact, represent their interests. We expect that Brian Maryott, a businessman and nonprofit executive, will lead by supporting sane policies; prioritizing issues like crime, homelessness, and inflation; and opposing legislation that sows racial division and condemns America as systemically racist. We look forward to his victory next Tuesday.”

The newly redrawn 49th congressional district stretches along the California coast from Del Mar in San Diego County to Dana Point in Orange County.