How Believers in Equality Fought Back Against ‘Wokeness’–and Won

Ying Ma, president of the American Ideals PAC and former communications director of the No on Prop 16 campaign, explains how to defeat the identity politics agenda in a Fox News column.

Fox News, February 23, 2021

The early days of the Biden administration have presented “racial justice” and “racial equity” as the new buzzwords for the entire executive branch. 

These are the marching orders governing everything from immigration policy to Cabinet nominations to affirmative action in higher education. Worshipping at the altar of wokeness and identity politics will be required for the next four years.  

But those who believe in equality for all rather than special treatment for some should not despair: Just last November, a wildly successful campaign in California beat back the “equity” onslaught in a most unlikely landslide victory.

The effort defeated Proposition 16, a measure that sought to overturn a ballot initiative passed in 1996 – and adopted as part of the California state Constitution – that prohibits racial preferences in public education, contracting and employment. In a state where Biden defeated Trump by nearly 2 to 1, the No on 16 campaign, for which I served as communications director, won by a 14-point margin.   

Winning the public debate was key to our success, and the ingredients that made it possible may be informative for others fighting wokeness and identity politics in the Biden era…

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